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I was born in Northern California as an only child. My hobbies were swimming, blowing things up, and exploring. I have been many things, from DJ to TSA Officer. I've been moonlighting as a photographer and website developer for several years. I love rock climbing and jumping out of planes...or flying them. I spent the better part of 10 years in Alaska, enjoying the wild and developing an appreciation for fishing, extreme cold and being self sufficient. My interests are largely electrical or mechanical, the more complex the better. I can be caught doing my own auto repairs, looking for trouble in the wilderness, and generally biting off more than I can chew, as it is my belief that those situations show you what you can handle in life.





I grew up in a suburb of Kansas City with five siblings. After high school, I moved to New York to attend an acting conservatory, then I transferred to Los Angeles. Afterwards I moved to Portland, OR, then San Francisco, CA. I was most recently the Vice President of Operations at a small water and coffee service company in Seattle but most of my adult life before that I was the Vice President of cocktail waitress. I hate heights and I love laughing. I'll sometimes start laughing by myself because of something I'm thinking in my head. I value this as a life skill.

Two on an adventure.

Grand Canyon


We met in California then lived in Seattle for 4 years before deciding to start a new career together while traveling full time. After a year of traveling down the Pacific Coast and across to the Northeastern US, we moved to middle Georgia to see what it's like livin' in the deep south. We enjoy hiking, caving, rafting, kayaking, camping, and exploring new cities and historical spots. We look for off-the-beaten path adventures, have no constructed plan and no end-destination. Maybe you will be inspired, maybe you will be entertained - we hope you enjoy the site!