Stick 'N Brick House to a Rolling Turd: How does that work?

If you've seen the movie RV, you'll get the reference, but we actually named our RV "Roadhouse". So, how has our life changed since we moved from a house into a 29 ft travel trailer? Pshh.. How hasn't it.

I keep thinking that it's so weird how not weird it is to do this day-to-day. My mother said, "Well, you can pretty much get used to anything". Very true, Mom. Very true. And we have. The space is tiny. We bump into everything and each other all the time. Ben has hit his head so many times I think he might have brain damage. Cooking is always a chore but more so when you have two burners and an almost non-existent counter space. We both love the outdoors and spent as many weekends as we could in our previous lifestyle going camping. This was one of the reasons we chose this lifestyle and has also assisted with the smooth transition. We get outdoors as much as possible. We like to be out and about doing things, hiking, exploring, playing. We're able to do that much more now, almost every day depending on the weather, whereas we were previously relegated to weekends. In the evenings we work and might watch tv or a movie. That's pretty much what life was before, except we just watch way less tv. We get much more exercise, which is great because we were starting to become jumbo-super-size-where-did-my-calves-go out of shape.

We spend a lot more time together. Before, I was in one room watching period dramas on BBC and Ben was in his office or playing video games (Fallout 4. all. night. long.) in the living room. We existed around each other but didn't spend much quality time together during the week. Now we have more in-depth conversations, go on more adventures together, and make each other laugh all the time instead of relying on the tv. We never argued much before but any disagreement we have now gets resolved very quickly. No where to hide, my friend. Things also don't seem as serious or important as they were before. In general, we're happier.

What day is it?

When you don't have a Monday-Friday 9-5 routine, and the city you live in changes every few days, it can be very disorienting. I'm always saying, "a few weeks ago..I mean a few days ago..." or "What's today? Thursday? No, it's Monday." Because we have so much more activity in one day and it's always different, a day can seem like more than one day to me. By late afternoon, I feel like the morning was so long ago because perhaps we were in a city three hours away that morning or we had coffee in a coffee shop on the beach in the morning and we hiked in the mountains in the afternoon. Constant change of geographic location, scenery, and situation can make days seems endless and make you lose track of time.

The Simple Life?

I'd call it the simple life but it's not really more simple. Days are more complicated, there's more to do, more chores, more movement, more excitement. Every day is different. One of the most simple things before was income. We have started the website development business we've been talking about doing for years but only time will tell if this is a realistic stream of revenue. And here's our shameless ad:

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Who knows where this will lead us. We wouldn't know that if we were still back in Seattle in our old life anyway. But today we are happy. We had another great day and we are looking forward to new adventures and new obstacles and new stories. So, let's get this show on the road!